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The Bottle Shop at Local 44 is the perfect place to host your next neighborhood event! We'll work with you every step of the way to customize your perfect gathering! Our semi-private bar events are absolutely free to book (no room fee or minimum!)

What do I do first?
Email us for date availability!

Is the a room fee?
Nope. Never.

What will it cost?
Tell us what looks good to eat and how many people you want to feed and we will do the fancy math for you!

Click here to check out our event menu!

And drinks?
Easy! See something you like in the cooler? Let us open that baby up for you! Custom, exclusive and limited beer selections can be pre-arranged for any budget! Run a tab for your guests —or— let them order drinks on individual tabs!

Easy online depositing and lots of personalized attention makes playing host easy!

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Got questions or ready to book your party? 
Click here to email us!